About the Fanfiction

While I’ve written fanfiction for many shows over the years, these are the ones that are present in the archive.  If I posted everything I’d ever written, it would be massive!  And somewhat embarrassing…  I can’t even read half of my X-Files fanfiction.  I was so clearly a teenager with no knowledge about the real world.

I’ve listed what seasons I watched of what shows, just to give readers an idea of what canon I followed.  It’ll also give you an idea of my approximate age at the time — just in case you were wondering why The X-Files fanfiction was so incredibly bad, hehe.

CSI (2000-present)
Watched: seasons 1-3 (2000-2004)
Why I stopped watching: started watching something else
OTP: Grissom and Willows … their history made them interesting, and I didn’t like Sidle

I didn’t do much writing for this fandom (at least that I can find), but I enjoyed it while it lasted.  I always felt there was more story to tell.

House, M.D. (2004-2012)
Watched: seasons 1-3 (2004-2007)
Why I stopped watching: wasn’t a fan of the new format/characters
OTP: House and Cuddy … who doesn’t love snarky banter and unresolved sexual tension?

This was one of my favorite shows to write for.  The banter, the intellect, the feels!  I feel like my dialogue was strongest with this series because I could relate so well to the characters.

La Femme Nikita (1997-2001)
Watched: entire series (1997-2001)
Why I stopped watching: the series was cancelled
OTP: Operations and Madeline … I didn’t care for the main characters, and their motives and history were absolutely fascinating

Seasons one and two were great, season three was pretty good, and seasons four and five didn’t happen.  This show desperately needed fanfiction because the real writers completely destroyed their own characters.  Before that happened, however, Operations and Madeline were the most terrifying bosses ever — but there was something about their history that made me root for them.

Law & Order: SVU (1999-present)
Watched: seasons 1-6 (1999-2005)
Why I stopped watching: I don’t remember
OTP: Munch and Novak … I can’t explain it, but I blame the episode “Poison”

Munch never got any love, and Casey was my favorite character.  While I did root for (and write about) Elliot and Olivia, a pairing that also never happened, I preferred the quirkiness that was Munch and Novak.

Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)
Watched: seasons 1-5 (1995-2000)
Why I stopped watching: switched colleges and had a lot of classes to take
OTP: Paris and Janeway … she believed in him and he owed her everything

I really don’t remember what turned me on to them as a couple, but I remember it being very early on — the first episode or close thereafter.  I do know I was not a fan of Chakotay for many, many reasons, and I always thought Kim and Torres would be cute together.

V (2009-2011)
Watched: entire series (2009-2011)
Why I stopped watching: the series was cancelled
OTP: Jack and Erica … their trust in each other was beautifully written

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so mad about a show being cancelled as I was when the word trickled down.  There was too much left to do!  Where did Hobbes go?  What was Erica’s reaction when she finds out about Tyler?  How does Lisa get out of the dungeon?  Will Jack go back to the church when it’s all said and done?  Ahhh!

The Walking Dead (2010-present)
Watched: entire series (2010-present)
Why I stopped watching: n/a
OTP: Daryl and Carol … two wounded souls who turned into serious ass-kickers

This is not a horror show about zombies.  It’s a show about humanity and spirit and beginning anew.  To that end, Carol became my favorite character after her daughter’s death, when she decided to start living her life.  Daryl is the best, so it’s only natural the two of them belong together.

The X-Files (1993-2002)
Watched: seasons 1-5 (1993-1998)
Why I stopped watching: went to college
OTP: Mulder and Scully … duh

This show was awesome.  My fiction, however … not so much.  It’s definitely a study in why authors should show, not tell.  I was also a big fan of songfics, apparently.  Ugh.  In my defense, I was still in middle and high school during this time!  Interestingly, my X-Files fanfic “Moving in the Right Direction” was plagiarized and made even worse, if that’s possible.  Ah well.  It’s here for posterity!




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