Way #19: Replace Her Cereal with Conversation Hearts

Ways to Be Romantic #19: Replace Her Cereal with Conversation Hearts
Written September 2001
Rated G

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended. ┬áThis series is┬ábased off of the book “1001 Ways to Be Romantic” by Gregory J.P. Godek.

Madeline stumbled drowsily into her kitchen. She was living on very little sleep. To make things worse, it was Valentine’s Day, and she wouldn’t even get to spend a second with Paul. She scowled at the rising sun and reached for the half-empty box of Cheerios. She dumped some into a bowl and frowned. Cheerios weren’t pink or green or white–and they weren’t heart-shaped either. She studied the food, and a smile appeared on her face. Paul had replaced her breakfast with conversation hearts.

She chuckled softly. Oh well. Wait until he saw what she did with his Wheaties.



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