Way #13: A Variation of Way #1

Ways to Be Romantic #13: A Variation of Way #1
Written September 2001
Rated PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.  This series is based off of the book “1001 Ways to Be Romantic” by Gregory J.P. Godek.

Paul didn’t spend very many nights in his quarters at Section, but Madeline was visiting the Farm for the weekend, so he had no need to go to the Tower.

Something was out of place. There was a red rose on his pillow. He left roses on Madeline’s pillow to say ‘I love you,’ whereas she left roses to say she wanted to make love.

“Madeline?” he called hopefully.

She walked out of the bathroom in a silk kimono. “Surprise.”

Paul grinned broadly. “Hi. I’m glad to see you.” She opened her robe, and his heart stopped beating. “Very glad.”



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