You’re the Boss

You’re the Boss
Written July 2001
Rated PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.

They were both on duty, but the passion was too intense to ignore. They wrestled on her desk, moaning and panting, trying to resist the temptation of each other’s touch but failing miserably.

A voice came over the comm unit. “Madeline, you’re needed in the White Room.”

“I’m on my way,” she called out breathlessly, then turned to Operations. “I have to go.”

He groaned in frustration. “I know. Meet me in the Tower later tonight?”

“You’re the boss,” she replied, standing up to leave.

“No…” He grinned mischievously, and she raised an eyebrow. “You be the boss this time.”


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