In Knots

In Knots
Co-authored with BIA
Written December 2001
Rated PG

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.

“Want my cherry?”

Madeline pulled the fruit off the sword from Paul’s piƱa colada and stuck it in her luscious mouth, stem included. He frowned and watched her maneuver it around while making bizarre facial contortions.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She held up a hand and closed her eyes in concentration. After a moment, she stuck out her tongue to reveal a perfect knot in the cherry stem.

Paul was duly impressed. “You never cease to amaze me, Madeline.” He leaned closer to her. “So what else can you tie in knots with your tongue?”

“Let’s find out.”


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