Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy
Written July 2001
Rated G

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.


She sighed, tossing her cards on the table. “That’s game…again.”

“Face it,” he teased, “you’ll never be as good as me.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t try.”

“Do we have time for one more hand?”

She glanced at her watch. “Maybe.”

“We will if you play as poorly as last time.”

“Don’t make me strap you up in the White Room.”

He laughed. “Come on, deal.”

She lost again, despite a few good runs. Sighing, she put the cards away. “Fortunately, we have to leave. We’ll continue this later.”


They collected their orange suitcases and headed to Containment.


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