Coins in the Fountain

Coins in the Fountain
Written July 2001
Rated PG

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.

1: Michael and Nikita

Nikita stared at the fountain blankly. She took a penny from her pocket and contemplated her wish. In the past, she had wished for Michael, to no avail. Was it her? Did she do something? Or had he been in Section so long that he had grown cold to love?


For a moment, she thought she was dreaming. But there he was, staring at her. “Michael? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you.”

A smile spread across her face, and she looked into her hand. The penny was still there, but her wish had come true.

2: Operations and Madeline

Operations flipped the coin into the fountain and smiled wistfully.

“You called for me?”

He turned to Madeline. “I’m glad you came. Dance with me.”

Although it was late, there were still people around. She shook her head. “There’s no music.”

He embraced her. “I hear music.” They began to sway back and forth slowly. “I remember a night like this… years ago… Why can’t there be more nights like this?”

“Things change, Paul.” She tried to pull away.

“Just… one last dance. One last chance for my wish to come true.”

“I’m sorry…”

His heart broke. “I am, too.”

3: Birkoff and Walter

“Birkoff, hurry!”

He yawned loudly, hoping to get caught before Walter’s ridiculous plan could be implemented. “Why are we doing this again?”

“Keep your voice down!”

“It’s three in the morning; no one is awake to hear me anyway.” He sighed. “This is stupid…”

“No, stupid is Jericho’s little prank of stealing my wallet! I need to get some flowers for Wendy, and I don’t have the cash.”

“So you’ve resorted to stealing? I could loan you some cash if you’re that desperate.”

Walter affixed the snorkel on his head. “This fountain has more money than you. Now keep watch.”


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