Magic, Like the Twilight

Magic, Like the Twilight
Written February 2004
Rated G

Disclaimer: All of the characters and situations featured herein are property of CBS, Alliance Atlantis, and Anthony Zuiker.  No infringement is intended.

Twilight in the Nevada desert is something akin to magic. If you go far enough from the city, light pollution is minimal and you have a breathtaking view of the stars. One night, when our down time coincided, we headed east – just Catherine and Lindsey and me. Lindsey liked my stories about the constellations, and I mapped them out for her while I talked. When Lindsey fell asleep, Catherine asked me to continue. I pointed out Perseus, and as I explained how the hero had rescued Andromeda from Cretus, she kissed me. Light, like a whisper. Magic, like the twilight.


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