Advice for the Socially Aloof

Advice for the Socially Aloof
Written March 2004
Rated G

Disclaimer: All of the characters and situations featured herein are property of CBS, Alliance Atlantis, and Anthony Zuiker.  No infringement is intended.

“Catherine, I need some advice.”

“About what?”

“Asking a woman on a date.”

She raised an eyebrow. “The socially aloof Gil Grissom is going on a date?”

“I certainly hope so. What’s your number one piece of advice?”

“That’s easy. Just be yourself! If she likes you, the rest will fall into place.”


“No woman can resist a man with confidence, someone who knows exactly what he wants.”

“So I just say … ‘would you like to have dinner with me’?”


“Great. I’ll pick you up on Friday then.” He winked as he walked away, and she smiled.



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