Written September 2001
Rated a very strong R
Synopsis: An extended and slightly altered version of the drabble by the same name.

Disclaimer: The characters within are property of LFN Productions, Warner Bros., and USA Network. No infringement is intended.

“Who should we give the new recruit to? Michael?”

Madeline shook her head. “Michael’s needed on several upcoming missions, and the first few months of training are important. A bond needs to be formed between teacher and student, so the trainer needs to be available.”

Paul smiled slightly. She was right, as usual. “Who would you suggest?”

“Use Talman.”

He made a note on his panel. “Done.” He glanced over the list once more. “I think that covers all of the pressing matters.”

“Not all,” Madeline replied, leaning her palm against the keypad on the ledge. The Perch windows went dark. “There are a few more issues that require your immediate attention.” As she spoke, she provocatively slid up the hemline of her skirt. Paul watched out of the corner of his eye, breathless as well as speechless. Just a little farther, and he could almost see…

She sat on the ledge and looked at him, her eyes dark with passion. He carefully walked over to her, placing his hand on her knee. Her skin was electric, sending shivers down his spine. He chanced moving his fingers further along her thigh, and Madeline made a tiny sound of approval. He swallowed over the lump in his throat, becoming increasingly aware of the one that was forming in his pants. He stared at his actions as he caressed one spot midway up her leg, almost afraid to resume his journey upward.

As if instructing a small child, she gently took his hand and brought it closer to where she wanted it. Paul shut his eyes as she guided him. His heart pounded loudly in his ears as he wrestled with his self-control. He had always wanted her, but he generally had to make the first move. Yet this time was different, the tension building in him as she took charge of the foreplay. The mere situation excited him to no end.

His fingers finally reached the fire between her thighs, and he sighed almost simultaneously with Madeline. She had been planning this encounter all along, he thought as he realized she wasn’t wearing underwear. The discovery aroused him further, and he increased the speed of his rhythmic stroking.

Madeline covered his hand with both of hers, rocking ardently with him. She wasn’t doing it to instruct him; his touch was skilled, and he knew her too well to need directions. Instead, she was reveling in the movements, rolling her head around while her lips quivered with pleasure.

The tightening in his groin was becoming unbearable. The small, erotic noises that Madeline made were like music to his ears. She was often quiet, and the fact that she was unable to control her voice filled him with pride and excitement. He panted with her, rubbing her with fingers that were almost too slippery to stay in place.

Paul’s eyes shot open as he was yanked forward by his waistband. Nestled between Madeline’s legs, he started to ask her what was wrong. Before he could say anything, she kissed him roughly, her hands furiously working to undo his pants as if she was in a race. He released a soft groan as she withdrew his erection.

“Paul,” she whispered huskily, and he needed no other convincing. He entered her with ease, a delighted sigh escaping him. He didn’t want to move, feeling devoured by the sensation of being inside her. Madeline had other ideas; she grabbed his rear and pulled him to her, hard. He gulped from the shock of it and gazed at her. She looked like she was in pain, but he recognized the expression as one of intense, unbridled desire.

He began to thrust against her, and she matched his rhythm perfectly. He pulled the bun out of her hair so he could run her fingers through it as he nibbled on her neck. The surrendering moans in his ear increased the urgency and speed of his movements. He tried to say her name, but the word came out as a form of foreign gibberish.

“Faster,” she commanded breathlessly. Paul felt his eyes roll back in his head. He didn’t think he could go any faster without succumbing to his release. The buildup was too great. All the blood in his body was centered at one location, and he couldn’t fight it any longer.

“Mad–” His speech attempt was interrupted by an overwhelming feeling that could only be conveyed in the form of a deep, throaty groan. “Can’t–”

She nodded quickly, looking into his eyes. She was ready, and he had never been so relieved. He tangled his fingers into her hair and pumped as hard as he could. His ears whistled, and the world started to go black. Almost…

Madeline wrapped one arm around him as if it would deepen their contact. She felt her insides swell, and she knew Paul was reaching his breaking point. Her head began to swim, her climax rushing for her. She forcefully brought Paul’s lips to hers, claiming them as the wave of lust and passion engulfed them. He moaned loudly into her mouth, his body jerking uncontrollably against her. She shivered around him, feeling the intense electricity shoot from her head to her toes.

They relaxed slowly, sighing in pleasurable exhaustion. Paul kissed her deeply, allowing his tongue to explore the soft recesses of her mouth. He removed his hands from her hair as he leaned back to gaze at her. Their lovemaking had left her skin flushed and glowing, and he loved to see her looking like that. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, dropping a tender kiss on her lips.

She could never control her emotions during such profound moments, and she drew him into an embrace, resting her head on his shoulder. She wished they could stay like that forever, their bodies still joined, gentle tingles continuing to dance through them.

He kissed the side of her neck, rubbing her back. He smiled happily, content with just holding her, wishing he could find the words to convey how deeply he felt for her.

“I’d better go,” she said regretfully, pulling away.

Paul nodded and moved backward, breaking the intimate bond they had shared. He fixed his pants as Madeline stood and straightened her skirt. He left the windows dark, although no one below was paying any attention.

“Don’t forget,” she began, readjusting her hair, “we have a briefing in two hours, and the South Africa mission goes live at five-thirty.”

“When does Davenport’s team return from Mauritania?”

“Tomorrow morning. They wanted to take some extra samples.”

“Good. Make sure Walter is prepared for their arrival.”

She gave him a quick nod and turned for the exit. Paul grabbed her arm, spinning her back around.

“Thank you,” he said gently, touching the side of her face. “It was wonderful.”

She smiled up at him and placed a light kiss on his lips. “You were wonderful. I’ll see you in two hours.” With that, she headed down the stairs. He watched her go, hoping he could get the silly grin off his face by then.

The End


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