Reprise (Epilogue)

Reprise (Epilogue)
Written February 2001
Rated PG
Synopsis: An AU fic beginning six months after the Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant. Written long before the series finale.
Spoilers: small amounts from a few episodes including ‘Caretaker,’ ‘The Cloud,’ ‘Thirty Days,’ ‘Bliss,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘Legacy,’ and ‘Bride of Chaotica!’ and some details from Jeri Taylor’s novel ‘Mosaic’

Disclaimer: The characters, situations, ships, etc. belong to Paramount and its affiliates. No infringement is intended. Some of the situations and characters are my own.

The room was drab. It lacked the bright cheeriness she had brought to the apartment. In fact, it was even more unwelcoming than those on Voyager–and more cramped, too. The tiny bed sat in the tiny living room, and everything was gray.

“Computer, eighty percent illumination.” Janeway winced. The room looked even more awful in decent lighting.

She felt the engines engage and hurried to the window to watch Earth disappear from view. She let out a long sigh. This time, she knew she wouldn’t be coming back.

Laboriously, she began to unpack, the first thing being a photograph of her with Tom and Delta. Funny–she recalled doing the same thing the last time she left the Alpha Quadrant. She shook her head sadly. Eventually, Mark had remarried and forgotten about her; there was every indication that Tom would do the same. Still, she placed the photograph on her nightstand where she would see it every day.

She continued putting her things away. A shipwide announcement was made about the journey, but she didn’t pay any attention. She already knew the flight plan: two weeks to the wormhole, twenty minutes in slipstream, then off to Talaxia. Ambassador Neelix had talked to his people, and with their help, Colony Team Delta would begin its search for an uninhabited planet in the system.

As she placed her book on the desk, she noticed a light blinking on her computer, indicating the presence of a text message. She frowned, opening the file, and read it aloud. “‘Dear Kathryn. Keep your chin up; we will see each other again soon. Love, Tom.'”

She set her chin in her hand and smiled softly. The man was foolishly optimistic. She would miss him terribly.

The door chimed, and she lifted her eyes from the screen. Who would be here? She didn’t know anyone on board. With a shrug, she keyed in the code, and the doors opened. There was no one there.

Until she looked down. A white dog had a rose in its mouth, tail wagging furiously. But it wasn’t just any white dog–it was her white dog.

“Delta?” Janeway knelt down. “What are you doing here, girl?” A shadow cast over them, and she looked up slowly.

“Surprise!” Paris cocked his head to the side, fingers clutching his own red rose. He bit his lip. “Are you surprised–because if you’re not, I can do it over again.”

She stood up, unsure if she was dreaming. “I thought you…h-how did you get here?”

“My father’s an admiral. I can get anywhere. I chose here.”


He blinked. “Because you’re here.”

“What about the flight academy and Starfleet and–”

“Spending the rest of my life without you? Tough decision.”

A smile crept onto her face, and tears fell from her eyes. “I am…speechless.”

He stepped around Delta and took her hands. “I know that we’ve both been through a lot, but I really think this could work. I want this to work. When you told me you were part of the colony team to the Delta Quadrant, I couldn’t imagine being that far from you. So I pulled a few strings and got myself on board. I don’t care what happens now, as long as I’m with you.” He cupped her face with his hands, kissing her forehead softly. “I love you.” His lips moved to hers, telling her all the things that words could not say. She hadn’t moved, so he pulled back to see that she was crying. “Say something.”

Words failed her, so she did the next best thing. She kissed him back.

The End


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